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Welcome to pedrollopumpsupply.com

Welcome to pedrollopumpsupply.comWelcome to pedrollopumpsupply.com

About Us


Pedrollo PumpSupply.com is a King Pumps Inc. dedicated website for Pedrollo Pumps. King Pumps Inc. is an independent supplier of Pedrollo Pumps' products. Trademarks, brand names and logos are the property of Pedrollo Pumps or its affiliates and are solely used to identify their respective products. PedrolloPumpSupply.com's goal is to make it easy for customers to purchase the featured Pedrollo Pumps' products from KINGPUMPS.COM. 

 Pedrollo Pumps are distributed from our centrally located warehouse that  provide fast delivery thereby ensuring that the quality of service is  as high as the quality of the water pump product. The range consists of  50 families of water pumps (including drainage, submersible and shallow  well models) covering most applications in the domestic, commercial,  agricultural and industrial fields.